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Welcome to comparison of GRE & GMAT also, TOEFL & IELTS at

GRE or GMAT, TOEFL or IELTS, a big Question?

Let's find the answer here in these columns, where this is very much clear & defined that IELTS is always better than TOEFL in every sense, GMAT still leads over GRE with over 86% still opting the GMAT for bsuiness schools.

With IELTS entry in America, United States & the controversial visa procedure of America, United States TOEFL has its limitations in acceptability, way its conducted, poor infrastructure, lacking competitiveness in every sense.






Accepted by graduate school and over 250 MBA programs.
Exclusively for MBA and some economics programs.
Shows business schools that you are serious about getting an MBA.
Perfect if you are applying to both MBA and graduate school programs. The GRE is an easier test both in structure and content.




Conducted by ETS & is a computer based test, except for some locations around the world where it is being conducted as paper based test.
Conducted by University of Cambridge jointly with IDP & British Council is a pen & Paper application except for few locations where students have the option of computerized test.

Being computerized test, difficult for Indian students to cope with, as most of the coaching centers are imparting class room coaching only.

Being pen & paper test, is very convenient & students can easily cope up with the course for better score reports.
With limited examination centers students have to travel a lot adding to their expenses & stress of exams.
With examination centers widely available, students have the convenience of choosing centers near their residential address thus getting rid of extra stress for travelling & saving on the undue expenses.

Quality of examination centers is piti able, in one go all the students appearing in the exams are speaking, thus distracting the student resulting in lower scores.
IELTS exams are conducted in one of the best professional manners around all the centers, water etc. too is offered to students. Listening is done in room on one to one basis.

There are reports of wide spread problems being faced by students during the exams, like computers not working, electricity problem etc.
IELTS uses one of the best infrastructure where there is pin drop silence & as the exam is conducted by company directly, nuisance does not happen.

With its limited acceptance in America only, does not have broader applications globally.
With almost every country accepting IELTS including America, this exam has better acceptability & applications.

TOEFL is not at all accepted by immigration authorities to any country.
IELTS has acceptability for all the immigration authorities including that of Canada, New Zealand & more.

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