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Dated : 28th of April 2012
Major changes in GRE test score reporting by ETS.
ETS has for the first time made changes to GRE score reorting to various universities & colleges. ETS made a mojor announcement on score reporting procedure of GRE test, this announcement serves as major relief to thse who have appeared in GRE test more than one time but did not effect first time test takers,

First time test takers can report the GRE scores to four universities at the time of test free of cost & can pay for sending scores to more universities officially.

Those who appeared in the test multiple number of times, will now have the ease of reporting best scores to universities, unlike before. Universities will not have the access to other score reports, procedure goes as such;

The three options below are available to the students who are appearing for more than one time & option is available after the next day of test

   Send your most recent score reports.
   Send all of your score reports.
   Send any of your score reports.

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