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 Word Meaning with Alphabet "J"

  • Jest - Noun - The object of laughter, sport, or mockery; laughing-stock.
  • Jibe - Verb - To alter course so that a fore-and-aft sail shifts in this manner.
  • Jocose - Adjective - Given to or characterized by joking; jesting; humorous; playful: a jocose and amusing manner.
  • Joking - Noun - A matter that need not be taken very seriously; trifling matter: The loss was no joke.
  • Jubilation - Noun - A feeling of or the expression of joy or exultation: Their jubilation subsided when they lost the second game.

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Word List Alphabetically

Astute - adjective - of keen penetration or discernment; sagacious: an astute analysis.

Burlesque - Noun - An artistic composition, especially literary or dramatic, that, for the sake of laughter, vulgarizes lofty material or treats ordinary material with mock dignity.

Cloying - Adjective - Overly ingratiating or sentimental.

Demure - Adjective - characterized by shyness and modesty; reserved.

Expurgate - Verb - to purge or cleanse of moral offensiveness.

Fawning - Noun - a young deer, especially an unweaned one.

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